Our Staff
Licensed Veterinary Technicians
Animal Care Staff
Hospital Mascots
Elaine is our full time
receptionist, who started in the
spring of 2012.  This picture
shows her with her little kitten,
Miley, who Elaine bottlefed into a
big girl after she was abandoned
by her mom.  She welcomed her
second kitten Petey in 2013.
Mary has worked at Battenkill
Veterinary for over 10 years as a
Veterinary Assistant.  While
working here, she has adopted 6
beautiful cats.  She resides in
Saratoga Springs with her
husband Bill and 2 children.  She
enjoys spending time with her 2
In the spring of 2007, we were overrun with
abandoned kittens.  Trevor, a loveable boy,
stole our hearts and became our hospital
Katie started as one of our
full time veterinary
assistants several years
ago. She is now part of our
receptionist team. She is a
proud mother of a little girl
named Tessa as well as 2
weimeraners named Boo
and Stella.
Lynn started at Battenkill Veterinary in
February 1985 with Drs Allen, Cali, and
Lutgens in the early building stages of the
present Small Animal Hospital facility.  
She worked with Companion Animal and
Bovine Embryo Transfer until moving
to New Hampshire.  Lynn returned in
2001 to work with us again as our office
manager and veterinary technician.  She
lives in Argyle with her husband and
various pets.
Lynn is a NYS licensed Veterinary
Technician.  She joined the Battenkill
Veterinary in 1989.  Originally from
Massachusetts, she obtained her
degree from Becker College.  Lynn
lives with her husband Andy on their
family farm in Shushan with 1 dog,
10 cats, and 2 horses
Amanda joined Battenkill
Veterinary as a
licensed technician in
summer 2011.  She
attended SUNY Canton for
her degree and worked at
another hospital before
coming back home.  
Amanda lives in Salem with
her boyfriend, 3 dogs, and
2 cats.
Mollie, who had been a part
time receptionist here for
almost a year,  joined us as a
January 2015.  She lives in
Argyle with her husband Matt
and their 2 dogs and 2 cats.  
Sarah Violette is starting a new career
after serving 4 years active service in
She has been working with both the
Small Animal Hospital and the Equine
see her at the Washington County Fair
showing Guernsey cows.